Controlling Your Hormones

Copyright: 2008

Publisher: Personal Development Center

Binding: paperback

Number of Pages: 180

ISBN10: 0-917828-12-7

ISBN13: 978-0-917828-12-6

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Controlling Your Hormones

Power from Above, Within and Without

Robert L. Peck, Author
Christine S. Gavlick, Contributor
Leslie M. Cassinari, Contributor

Controlling Your Hormones describes how ancient science was far ahead of present science in the control of inner hormones. The ancients taught how to first reset and clear the mind and then make an image of who and what they desired to be. Their methods were based on studies of heroes, children and actors to determine their powers of manifesting the transformational hormonal changes such as produced by crying, laughing and anticipation. Endocrinology is used to explain that the process consists of shifting hormones in the body to duplicate or physically manifest a gut-felt image or vision of what is to be. The ancient and modern sciences are compared since they both use anthropomorphic descriptions of the inner powers. For instance, the powers of the early Greek gods Aphrodite and Eros can be directly related to neuropeptide and steroid hormones. Controlling Your Hormones is also interesting in that it exposes the brilliant sophistry that hid the ancient truths for millennia.