Joy and Evolution

Copyright: 2004

Publisher: Personal Development Center

Binding: paperback

Number of Pages: 264

ISBN10: 0-917828-10-0

ISBN13: 978-0-917828-10-2

Book Price: 14.95

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Joy and Evolution

A daring introduction to the technology of Joy and its associated Evolution

Robert L. Peck, Author
Leslie M. Cassinari, Contributor
Christine S. Gavlick, Contributor

Joy and Evolution is a hard-hitting book describing how everyone can find access to personal inner powers, joy and evolution, as well as how institutional science and religion have suppressed those powers. Peck, Cassinari, and Gavlick offer many startling proofs of these claims based upon modern scientific and historical research.

  • The evolutionary and individual-centered Christianity that existed under Constantine the Great was replaced with a Church-centered religion.
  • Original writings that described personal inner powers have been deliberately mistranslated.
  • The heart or center of personal inspiration and power in the bowels was redefined to be in the blood-pumping organ in the chest.
  • Christ was initially defined as the experiential radiation of Sol Invictus or the emanation of Truth and redefined as the resurrected man Jesus made a God.
  • The power of love that could change the world was stated to be in the chest and limited to caring and charity as defined by the Church.
  • Classical Science has historically hidden metaphysical powers and accepted the right of the Catholic Church to rule on metaphysical matters.
  • Religion denounced logic and replaced Reason with the philosophy of Fideism or Faith administered by Church authorities.
  • Modern science is now recognizing the physiological problems of inner tensions based upon religious idealism resulting in such symptoms as weakened, atrophied perineal muscles, loss of vitality and outer response capability.