The Handbook for Goats

Copyright: 1985

Publisher: Personal Development Center

Binding: paperback

Number of Pages: 136

ISBN10: 0-917828-00-3

ISBN13: 978-0-917828-00-3

Book Price: 8.50


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The Handbook for Goats

Vitality and Transcendence

Robert L. Peck, Author

The Handbook for Goats is an intermediate book on self-development for the “goats” who feel they are different from the conforming “sheep” in our society. The Handbook for Goats is a compilation of the techniques that goats use to find extra power, wisdom, stamina, creativity and courage in an evolving world. The Handbook for Goats is written in three parts; the first is a list of short aphorisms that trigger inner feelings and concepts. The second part is an explanation of the aphorisms as developed in one group. The third part relates the unusual “goat” concepts and methods to Western science, philosophy and religion.